A $90 million retail center is underway in Tomball at the intersection of state Highway 249 and the Grand Parkway. 

预计将于2025年完工, 249的Grand将跨越404,256平方英尺, making it the largest retail concentration within Houston's northwest submarket, according to Houston-based development and brokerage firm NewQuest properties.  

Situated at the southwestern corner of the Grand Parkway-Highway 249 intersection, 这个占地65英亩的开创性开发项目拥有12个地块, 其中10个网站已经承诺. Notably, 96% of the space is leased or under negotiation, securing tenants like AT&T, Boomer Jack's, Gringo's, Jersey Mike's, Milano Nails, and Two Pho Nine Asian Fusion.  

The development will be surrounded by master-planned communities and mixed-use projects, 包括洛维特工业240英亩的交汇处249, 提供3.1 million square feet of industrial and warehouse space, which will house Macy’s distribution center. 

With large-scale developments like The Grand at 249 and advanced infrastructure thanks to the Grand Parkway driving people and businesses to the city, 汤博尔的住宅继续快速增长. 目前, 有近27个,平均家庭收入为141美元的单户住宅,在格兰德酒店方圆三英里的范围内,每年有一万美元, 据NewQuest报道. 汤博经济发展公司. expects the city’s population to skyrocket from 12,000 to 20,000 by 2030.  

“249走廊的住房增长迅速,安德鲁·阿尔维斯说, NewQuest的高级副总裁和开发合作伙伴. "The Grand at 249 will play a significant role in creating the next super-regional intersection in the Grand Parkway's path." 

Tomball’s growth and the rise of new developments is sparking commercial development in the area, including White Unicorn Investments’ 77-acre mixed-use center along the Grand Parkway in northwestern Harris County set to include retail, 餐厅, 多家庭和工业空间. 

“We recognize the immense potential of this location and are committed to developing a project that will be a testament community enhancement,白独角兽投资公司的理查德·巴克斯鲍姆在一份声明中说.  

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Historic Heights Building to be Transformed into Mixed-Use Development

前Swift & Co. building, located in Houston’s bustling Heights neighborhood, is set to be transformed into a 4.47英亩的综合开发项目.  预计今年晚些时候开始建设, 发展, 被称为“雨燕大厦”, 将包含60多个,000平方英尺专门用于零售, 办公及餐饮空间, 所有这些都可以俯瞰附近著名的高地徒步自行车道. 据休斯顿纪事报报道, 随机资本和Triten房地产, 倡议背后的开发人员, will also enhance pedestrian accessibility to the building by revitalizing the surrounding green space and introducing new entry pathways.   单击展开 最初成立于1917年,是一家棉籽炼油厂, the century-old building later transitioned into one of the region's largest meatpacking facilities during the 1950s, 由斯威夫特和公司提供. 为了保护其丰富的历史, the developers are pursuing a historic designation for the building. Anticipated for completion in 2025, 发展 aims to welcome restaurants within the same year.  This isn't the first revitalization project for this development duo. 他们之前是纽约高地M-K-T项目的先锋, where they transformed five historic industrial buildings into a vibrant 4-acre mixed-use complex that now boasts 30 restaurant and merchant vendors.  “Swift是Hga010皇冠软件下载对M-K-T共同愿景的自然延伸. Rather than tear down an important symbol of Houston’s — and the Heights' — past, we instead want to embrace its character and repurpose it into a truly unique community amenity and experience,斯科特·阿诺德, Triten房地产合伙公司的创始人告诉《Hga010皇冠软件下载》.  单击展开 与此同时, the developers are concurrently advancing their efforts to revitalize aging structures throughout Houston independently. Random Capital recently unveiled plans to renovate the Tower Theater building, 以前是Acme牡蛎屋, 以及蒙特罗斯附近的几栋建筑, 变成一个适合行人的零售中心. 被称为韦斯特海默1111号, 该工程将跨越35年,该项目占地面积约5000平方英尺,预计将于今年夏天开始建设, 目标是到2025年完成.  单击展开 另外, Triten房地产公司正在推进其最新的项目, 这个工厂, 这是一个位于休斯顿东区的综合开发项目. The project aims to convert a former industrial lumber mill site into a vibrant mixed-use complex. The initial phase includes 341 multifamily units and over 6,000 square feet of retail space. Subsequent phases will introduce a seven-story parking garage spanning 145,368 square feet.  了解更多关于在休斯顿生活的信息. 


As Houston’s housing market is beginning to show signs of improvement, many new residential developments are starting to take shape across the region.   According to the Greater Houston Partnership’s Monthly 首页 Sales Update, 库存已达到39个,接近大流行前的水平,上个月有757套房屋上市, 几乎是去年的两倍,620. 以下是该地区最新发展的综述.   西休斯敦  单击展开 乔叟  赖斯村计划建造一座12层的中层公寓大楼, 预计将于今年9月动工. The 30-home community will feature seven standard floor plans and five penthouse plans.  画眉山庄  最近,占地1150英亩的画眉山庄社区在凯蒂破土动工. 位于莫顿路和FM 2855附近, 格兰奇将提供2,400户住宅,特色水道和绿地. 第一阶段的开发预计将于2025年完成.  单击展开 在麦迪逊  在麦迪逊, a seven-story, 35-unit condominium, is set to break ground this year in Montrose. 预计2026年完工, 该项目将设有一个两层的停车场, 一个健身中心和一个游戏室.  北休斯顿  科尔顿  科尔顿, a 5,占地700英亩的社区位于蒙哥马利县, 预计将带来近11,该地区有1万户家庭. 据《Hga010皇冠软件下载》报道, 预计到今年10月将有600批货物交付, 而房屋销售预计将于2025年开始.   Oakberry轨迹  建筑工程最近开始,占地212英亩, 800-home master-planned community in Waller County dubbed Oakberry轨迹. The community will include outdoor amenities such as a fishing pond, 活动馆和一个游戏中心. 房屋将于今年夏天上市销售.   单击展开 的Everstead  Everstead, 23分.占地5英亩,最近在康罗破土动工. 该社区将提供190套住房, consisting of a mix of two- and three-bedroom ranch-style homes and townhomes. 预计2025年完工, Everstead的特点是2,817平方英尺的会所, 旅游观光池, 狗公园, 操场、匹克球场和地滚场.   单击展开 在农村的  A 22-acre, 300-unit community, 在农村的, recently broke ground in The Woodlands. The single-family community will feature modern amenities such as seating areas, 火坑和餐厅, 一个游泳池, 瑜伽馆, 水疗和桑拿. 部分单元将于2025年完工.   南休斯顿  单击展开 靛蓝  靛蓝, 一个占地235英亩的总体规划社区,位于本德堡县, 这个月计划开始房屋建设吗, 房屋销售预计将于5月开始. 在全面建造时, the community will bring 650 homes and 150 apartments to the area by 2026. 靛蓝 will feature a 12-acre town center with a cafe and grocery store, 一个42英亩的社区农场, 湖泊和步道.  遗产 A 705-acre master-planned community, 遗产, recently broke ground in League City. 在全面建造时, 遗产将提供1,600家, 首批房屋计划于2025年交付. The community will feature parks, play areas, a recreation center, lakes and walking trails.  加尔维斯顿 玫瑰色的海滩  玫瑰海滩的建设预计很快就会开始, 一个拥有160个家庭的海滨社区, 位于加尔维斯顿的西海滩. The 70-acre upscale development will offer premium amenities such as a 旅游观光池 and various pickleball法院. Slated for completion in 2025, homebuyers can now reserve future lots.   单击展开 《海滩上的王冠  《海滩上的王冠, 一栋10层的豪华公寓, 加尔维斯顿岛会在今年夏天动工吗. The 63-unit tower will offer waterfront views alongside community amenities, 包括一个游泳池, 户外烧烤区, 瑜伽馆, pickleball法院, 高尔夫模拟器和雪茄和葡萄酒品尝休息室.  了解更多关于在休斯顿生活的信息.